this most ‘ugly’ ring Arpel Rings

After wearing the ring for seven years, I can’t find it anymore. Not too expensive, there is no special commemorative meaning, and never think about how much value it has. I only see it occasionally, it’s on my finger, that’s all. A small alloy ring, with a sketched pattern, an arrow piercing two hearts, not shining, not showing, plain and faint. I used to be there all the time. I didn’t see it this time, but I didn’t panic. Maybe it will be forgotten in the future, and then I will occasionally think of it at a certain moment for a long time, just like when I occasionally saw it on my finger. It is like a stream of years, I lost a stream of years. When K was 10 years old, my mother took him to the jewelry store and asked him to choose a ring as a birthday present. Little K chose an extremely luxurious ring, then left the box and gave up the ring inside the box. Mom is very puzzled,

this most 'ugly' ring Arpel Rings

Xiao K told her that this is the most ugly ring in the world, no one has no box to buy it. Part 2 Ten years later, Xiao K met a very well-known person at a conference. The person’s hand was wearing the ring that Xiao K considered the ugliest 10 years ago. Xiao K didn’t understand why the ugly ring was still bought by someone, so he solved it for that person. The person told him that the surface of things is not important. What I saw was its true value. What Xiao K doesn’t know is that only those who really need it will buy a ring without a delicate box. His childhood arbitrariness found its true master for this most ‘ugly’ ring Arpel Rings. Part 3 After 10 years, Xiao K has become a very famous businessman. He met the man again. He told the person that my life was not perfect. I now need the ring on your hand to be placed in the exquisite box that my mother gave me my birthday present. I will buy it at double the price, as the price of my childhood willfulness. That person said that your value can already buy the entire jewelry store, far more than that ring, now it is like the delicate box that your parents bought for you, just a subsidiary The product is gone. Part 4 Ten years later, Xiao K’s business failed, and he became a desperately poor person. He and the man met again. The man said to him: We are also a friendship, I will send you a delicate box, but it needs a world’s most ‘ugly’ ring.

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