The series follows the unique style

The series follows the unique style and elegance of Hermès, and perfectly reflects the unique charm of gold jewelry, and presents a dazzling and artistic feast. While paying tribute to the brand’s classics, it also interprets the beauty of Hermes’ 2018 autumn and winter brand new gold ornaments. As the first stop of the China tour, Nombre d’Or’s exhibition in Beijing is divided into six chapters, bringing together the Hermes classic gold ornaments collection. It includes gold jewellery including Niloticus, Précieux, Alchimie H, Kelly, Filet d’or and high-end jewellery from the Cha?ne d’Ancre Encha?née, Sangles and Centaure collections. The Niloticus goldsmith collection, which was first exhibited in China Arpel Rings, was the crowning touch and opened the first chapter of the exhibition. The Niloticus collection reinterprets the iconic leather lines of the Nile crocodile. After 10 months of design and development, the original Hermes jewelry craftsman polished and polished the gold into a crocodile skin, which was joined by a molten wax molding process. The Niloticus gold ornaments are presented on the skin with vivid crocodile skin lines. The gemstones inlaid in them give them a beautiful meaning, conveying the designer’s infinite imagination of ancient Egypt. The three jewels of the Précieux collection, Kelly, Trim and Seau, form another chapter of the graceful dance. Inspired by the Hermès classic bag, it features a unique gold chain design that blends craftsmanship with woven textures. This makes the Précieux collection a good agility in the wearer.

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