Lagerfeld has also changed the traditional concept of fur clothing as a luxury

Lagerfeld has also changed the traditional concept of fur clothing as a luxury , making Fendi fur clothing more popular and fashionable, such as treating real animal fur with imitation fur, and introducing some of the fur, such as squirrel fur and Rex rabbit hair, which are not used by Fendi. Upscale fashion, these fur and then become popular popular material. In a word, under his wonderful creativity, the image of “the special duty of the woman” was completely changed and turned into a fashion woman.

Lagerfeld, who was very much in his victory record at Fendi, said, “before that, I don’t believe fur will be so popular that it will become so fashionable. When designing fur fashion, I had almost no independent design, completely inspired by inspiration. I hadn’t thought of that much, and I didn’t know what the fur was under the scissors, but I was just as careful about my design as the cloth. ”

Fur can be said to be the most luxurious commodity in the field of clothing, and some top animal fur can be regarded as “sky high price”. Many times, people’s clocks and fur are not only due to their responsibility, but also the fashion darling Kate Moss once said, “there is a feeling of returning to the mother’s womb in the fur. However, the world environmental organization boycott the fur only in the ear, every time the clothing conference on the fur, the organizers are all the enemy, the people watching the fashion meeting can only sit quietly with the wall. Militants will raise slogans, shout slogans, clash with guards, and even rush into the field.

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