Jonner is a small employee with a small income

Jonner is a small employee with a small income. She has just divorced recently, and she has two children, and her life is very tight. On this day, she was going to the supermarket to buy some discounted fruit. When she passed a jewelry store, she couldn’t help but stop. In the middle of the jewelry store showroom, there is a diamond necklace with a necklace lying on the black velvet. The diamonds are worn by a thin chain and are connected to the buckle. The diamond in the center is the largest, and the two diamonds next to the buckle are the smallest. The workmanship of the necklace is very delicate, and the designer seems to understand the woman’s mind. Jonner thought: If you put it on your neck, the effect will be suffocating. As a married woman, Jonner naturally has a few pieces of jewelry. However, she has never worn such a luxurious necklace, and she may not have a chance to wear it in the future. Just between this thought, Jonner stepped forward, pointed at the necklace and asked the clerk: ‘Can I look at the necklace in the window?’ The necklace was worn on Jonner’s neck. She turned around in the mirror and took a deep breath: it was so beautiful! Her whole person became radiant because of this necklace. Jonner couldn’t help but ask: ‘How much?’ ‘$37,000.’ The clerk replied politely. Jonner took a sip of cold, $37,000! Except those rich people, who would buy such a necklace? Jonner returned the necklace and walked out of the store. This night, she couldn’t sleep at all, and the clerk’s words still lingered in her ear: ‘The necklace has 118 natural diamonds, finely polished, and the total weight is 15:24 carats.’ Jonner thought melancholy: If you live like this, you can never afford such a good thing. A few days later, Jonner and her mother went shopping in the supermarket. Passing through the jewelry store, she found that the necklace was still in the old place, but it had already been discounted, from $37,000 to $22,000. Jonner couldn’t help but pull the mother into the store, let the clerk take the necklace out and put it on his neck again Arpel Rings. ‘How?’ Jonner turned and smiled and asked her mother. ‘Beauty! Too beautiful, dear.’ The old lady was satisfied with her head, but when Jon Nair turned her back to her mother, she clearly heard the mother’s clear sigh. After leaving the supermarket, the mother said to Jonner: ‘This necklace is really good. However, in such a place, such precious jewelry is suitable for wearing. It is only a few days in the end of the year.’ The old man said that I want to comfort my daughter, but Jon Nair listened to this, but instead it was bright: yes, the working-class people, who would run around with diamond necklaces all day long? It can only be worn at a moment of great significance in a year, in order to show the preciousness of that day. I can’t get more than 20,000 US dollars, but there is still a total of 1,000 US dollars. If I can find eleven people, each person will pay 1000 US dollars, that is 12,000 US dollars, and then cut the price in the jewelry store, it should be worse. Not leaving. They can drop $15,000 at a time, why can’t they drop another $10,000? When Jonner thought of it, she couldn’t help but be excited: OK, just do it! She rushed back to the jewelry store and took out $1,000 to book the necklace. When I got home, Jonner called her college classmates, friends, and colleagues one by one and invited them to jointly purchase necklaces. However, most people say no, some say no money, some say no interest. Despite a lot of trouble, Jonner found seven partners. Before the bill at the jewelry store arrived, she found another four. Now, according to her original thoughts, twelve people can go there together. A diamond necklace. Eleven companions led by Jonner to the jewelry store, and they were the owner of the jewelry store Paul. Jonner took out the order and handed over another $11,000. The eyes firmly said: ‘A little more, $12,000, how?’ Paul looked at the pile of cash on the table and the dozens of women who were no longer young, and suddenly he felt a touch: for these women, this necklace represents a dream– The dream of good things in life. Paul hesitated for a moment and said to Jonner: ‘Please wait a moment, this shop is not only me alone.’ After that, Paul walked into the room and called his wife Morris. This jewelry store is actually his wife’s industry, and Paul can’t make a claim. Morris was shocked after listening to Paul’s explanation. She indulged for a moment and replied: ‘Dear, you have to know that if you cut the price to $12,000, the profit is too low, which means we didn’t enter the goods.’ Paul hangs up the phone and thinks about it. He wrote the pros and cons of not selling the piece of jewelry on paper: not selling it means pressing the goods, now the goods have been pressed for four months; Some profits are earned compared to the pressure of goods. Then, according to this meaning, he called his wife Morris again. After listening to her husband’s opinion, Morris replied categorically: ‘Dear, the minimum is $13,000, we can’t give it anymore.’ Paul came out and told Jonner and her companions about the final offer. He pondered his words and said: ‘The $13,000 is only $1,000 from the price you paid. If you are willing, the $1,000 will be borne by me. I will find a collaborator for you. Before she is present, you How to arrange the use of this necklace, let me know.’ Jonner listened to Paul’s words and readily agreed. She really bought a precious necklace as she wished! Although some of the eleven companions are friends of friends, and some of them don’t even know each other, they are all convinced of their pursuit, which is enough. She feels that her life has been sublimated because of this necklace: What difficulties can we overcome? Just telling others what you want, and others just agree with your needs, then the bumps will become smooth. These twelve women, including Jonner, are between the ages of 45 and 60. Their occupations are nurses, teachers, and others, like Jonner, who are ordinary employees. After buying the necklace, they settled in a coffee shop and discussed the time to wear the necklace. The opinions quickly reached agreement: Each person can apply for a necklace for one month each year, which is the month of wearing a birthday. In addition, the partner can apply for a necklace according to his or her temporary needs, provided that no one has a birthday that month, or that the person who has a birthday no longer wants to wear a necklace. Regardless of the application, twelve individuals must participate in the approval of the application. Everyone has to get together and start a small party. Coincidentally, their birthdays are not in the same month. In the first month, it was the turn of Cairn wearing a necklace. Kainna was so embarrassed on weekdays that she had caused a lot of confusion. The night she got the necklace, she almost never sleeps all night, so valuable, she had to let it safely hand in the hands of the next companion! Never let the thief steal it. When Kaina returned the necklace to the custodian Jonner a month later, she couldn’t help but cry. She said to the eleven companions who participated in the party: ‘Because of this necklace, I realized the responsibility for the first time in my life, saying I also blame, I am so old, I never knew what the worry was all about.’ Saying, Cairna embraced with others enthusiastically. The second application to wear a necklace is Lisa, because next month is her birthday. Lisa is somewhat autistic on weekdays, she is afraid to deal with people. However, this month, she wore a necklace and fell down generously to congratulate the relatives and friends of the birthday. Lisa’s husband said that her wife seems to have changed herself, and she now has unprecedented confidence. In this way, according to the month, the necklace was passed down in the hands of one companion. Tess didn’t have a college degree and always had a low self-esteem. But she found a good job with a necklace on her neck. Dianna is an empty-nest old man. Life has been very lonely. She was inadvertently involved in the purchase because of the introduction of her friend Cairnna. During the activity of the necklace, I regularly attended the party of these twelve people and became cheerful and lively… In a blink of an eye, the life of twelve people has changed positively because of this necklace. Their stories were also spread in this small town: At first, people thought that buying a necklace in partnership was just a last resort for a woman who loves to be smug, but now the views of the whole city have changed. It is believed that more than 10,000 US dollars are the most pure thing between people. Only Jonner still had some embarrassment in her heart, because she remembered that one of the people who bought the necklace did not show up. Until the spring of the second year, Jonner suddenly received a call, and the other party clearly said: ‘Ms. Jonner? I am Paul, do you remember? The one who sold you the necklace, yes, I entered I have applied for the necklace.’ Jonner asked who the thirteenth partner was. Paul said without reservation: ‘I bought shares for my wife. Last month, our jewelry store was forced to transfer because of the financial crisis. Now Morris and I are not famous. Next month is her birthday, I know, she is very depressed, I need your help with your partners.’ Morris was stunned by Paul to the party, and her eyes were still very blurred. Seeing that Morris walked into the room, Jonner stood up with twelve of them and applauded enthusiastically, welcoming the last partner. Jonner announced that Norris would wear a necklace next month. Morris suddenly stunned. Gradually, her eyes flashed a surprise light. She quietly let Paul put on her necklace and said to her husband with tears: ‘I finally know why you were. I insisted on selling the necklace to them. You left me a love when I became nothing. Thank you, thank you very much!’

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