I can’t spend more of you Arpel Rings, let alone I earn The money is enough for me to spend

Single girls buy their own rings, everyone must feel very strange, perhaps the most advanced single is the girl to send a ring, perhaps another layer of meaning, do not approach me, I have a boyfriend, in fact, is to announce to the boys around To reduce the necessary troubles, to reject others without brains, there is another meaning, girls hope that it will bring good luck to them in the future. The single girl buys a ring for herself, and also talks to her girlfriends, friends, friends, I am not robbing your boyfriend, you like things I don’t like, I like things you like, this is me. I am not your enemy, I don’t like him with the Lord, and I don’t even look at your man. I am a clean person, I don’t like what others like, I only like innocent things. I have a reason for singleness. It does not mean that I am being shackled. Your man will know what kind of person he belongs to at a glance. It does not mean that I am a girl you imagine. Don’t take your man as a treasure. Others don’t like him. Don’t Overestimate your own vision and impose on others. I am a quirky girl, I like unique things. I always have a quirk. The more people like, the less I feel. Even if those things are not bad, I don’t like them. Just like you have a car, a house, a deposit, a wealthy second generation, a son, I don’t deserve you, I don’t like your money, you have more money, I can’t spend more of you Arpel Rings, let alone I earn The money is enough for me to spend. Please don’t take your reality and come to fall in love with me. I am very special and ordinary. I am a very ordinary person. I don’t want to climb high in my heart, and I have lived with material life. I have never reached out to touch anything, nor do I believe that there will be a pie in the sky. Even if I fall, I will not be embarrassed. I am not so noble, but not vulgar. Reality, though reality, I can talk to others and negotiate without being humble. In real life, even if you will be injured in the end. I am still very good, and it is easy to meet small happiness. I have only lived my own ordinary days.


I will not be embarrassed

The girl buys a ring for herself. She doesn’t want to get married soon. Instead, she wants to stay away from those who are not good on the way of being single, and let them think that they have objects and people in their hearts. I also enjoy the life of a single person. I don’t want to be guilty of being a single person because I am single-minded, and I am guilty of being troubled by others. I am said to be picky when I am high, and I am still a lot of age, and I am still not married. It’s a big-aged woman. What is the qualification of others? The girl who is ten years younger than you is in the early stages of society. You are already dying from the yellow rose flower. In fact, the single person may have a relationship with the married person, maybe older. Single is the nail in the eyes of others, the thorn in the flesh, the Chinese in the language, and even the man with excellent conditions looks at you. You don’t marry him. Does he still meditate on you, how many pounds do you have to grow up? Maybe, age is really A big label will be the one who will not meet the good husband in the future, because the world feels that the rest is not sick, that is, the disease is not light, and people who are almost thirty years old still expect to meet love. Just like a myth of a love story, I suffer from a cancer disease. Perhaps most of the girls’ high-level singles are that they bought a ring for themselves. Those who see the girl on the ring finger feel that the famous flower has the master. They don’t think that the girl is single. The girl just doesn’t want to reduce the singles. I am attracted to myself and reduce the chance of being seen. It is not much longer, I may have encountered the trouble of being single, being questioned, or being treated as a rival by other single girls. Think of her as a rival attack, perhaps a ring symbolizing the girl who has the Lord. Maybe the girl wearing the ring is waiting for a person, waiting for a number of years, insisting that the initial heart has never changed, has been waiting for a person, a person who knows how to cherish the fate, one I care about you, you also care about me, He will understand him, a person we all like each other, want to adjust the life to have fun, a person who is with me in my life, a person who believes in the world that has true love, where is you? Well, I put on the ring waiting for you, drove away all the people, waiting for an unknown you, but where are you and when you come to me.

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